Tale of a City

Let's have some fun with history!

TALE OF A CITY is an animated series that will tell the fascinating story of cities around the planet. Cities to follow will include New York, Seattle, Atlanta, London, Paris, San Francisco, Rome and more...

Watch Boston Transform!

Maps will morph engaging characters will narrate and history will be revealed.

BOSTON 1630-1775

MEET our animated characters FEATHERBUTT and RAT and watch as the Boston episode is introduced:

Founded on September 17, 1630, the city is named after Boston, England, a town from which several prominent colonists originated.  Boston would eventually become the "Cradle of Democracy."


The fire started on Lincoln Street on November 9 and in two days destroyed about 65 acres of the city. 776 buildings were destroyed causing $60 million in damage.


This strange mishap occurred on January 15, 1919. A huge molasses storage tank at the top of a hill exploded. Twenty-one people were killed and 150 injured as hot molasses crushed, asphyxiated, and cooked many of the victims to death.


Boston Marathon

Boston has had its fair share of tragedy.  The Cradle of Liberty proudly regroups and carries on after two terrorist bombs go off during the 2013 Marathon.  Boston Strong becomes the mantra to help the city unite and heal.

COMPOSER: Scott Rockenfield

Our Tale of a City composer is Scott Rockenfield, best known as the drummer from the band Queensryche.  However, as a composer Scott is making a name for himself apart from Queensryche. His recent works include scores for films and film trailers for The Matrix, Avatar, The Dark Knight, Star Trek, Spiderman, Prometheus, and soon Tale of a City.  Click to hear some of Scott's work.

Boston will be the first city of the series. Our plan is to approach education distributions companies, The History Channel, PBS... just to name a few and make this fun educational series a reality!! Your city could be next!!

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    Tale of a City is an informative and entertaining look at history's greatest cities from their settlement to their modern form. Through witty and factual narrative the viewer learns an accurate account of events (both widely known and little known) that shaped the history of the featured city. Using stylistic animation we are going to recreate history and usher it into thirsting minds.