"A Solemn Promise, America's Missing in Action"

  • MAJ GEN (R) John Bianchi - Former Commanding General of the California State Military Reserve
  • Mr. Neale Perkins, Founder, Safariland, supplying personal armor and equipment to law enforcement and the military. Philanthropist to America's Higher Education needs.
  • Ms. Lucie Marx Titus - Chair, Board of Govenors, MG William S. Dean Chapter of AUSA
  • LTC (R) Robert K Brown - Owner and Publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine
  • Ms. Arden McConnell - Former Special Representative to the Commanding General of the California National Guard and Special Assistant to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.
  • Mr. Ron Miller - Veterans Adviser, National League of POW-MIA Families
  • Mr. Kim Dawson - Owner of Skydog Productions and Independent Producer at Universal Studios, Florida; former Director of Original Programming for Showtime Networks
  • Mr. John Zimmerlee - Executive Director of the Korean and Cold War POW/MIA Network
  • COL (R) Bill Fortier - Former Military Aide to the Governor of California and Former Aide to the Commanding General of the California National Guard
  • LTC (R) Tom Lasser - So. California President, Association of the US Army; Vietnam Veteran, Army Helicopter Pilot
  • Norton E. Marks, Ph.D., Former Distinguished Professor, University of Notre Dame: Professor Emeritus and former Dean, California State University, San Bernardino: Past President, Small Business Institute Association.
  • Marc P. Yablonka--Military journalist and author of "Distant War: Recollections of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia" and "Tears Across the Mekong." CW2 (R), California State Military Reserve
  • A Solemn Promise
    America's Missing In Action

    Now In Production
    Nicholas Wright
    Richard Jellerson

    America has over 83,000 Missing in Action Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. This film trailer gives us a poignant look at the families of these MIAs. All have sacrificed brothers, fathers and sons to America's wars. Often these families go an entire lifetime without knowing how or where their loved ones were lost.

  • Fiscal Sponsorship

    Hollywood Post 43 of the American Legion is the fiscal sponsor for the film "A Solemn Promise" This means all donations sent (mailed by check made out to American Legion Hollywood Post 43 or through Paypal to Post 43) earmarked-check memoed specifically for "A Solemn Promise" or documentary film are tax deductible!

    The 10 minute film trailer can be screened to this panel's left by hitting the start button.

    Click here to visit The American Legion Hollywood Post #43's Website for their address and paypal site

  • The Personal Experience
    Helicopter Warfare in Vietnam

    Jamie Thompson
    Richard Jellerson

    Producing this important documentary film for The History Channel was personally both challenging and rewarding for writer and producer Jellerson. He served two tours as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

  • One Last Hit
    Crack Cocaine

    Richard Jellerson

    This short film captures the grueling, dead-end story of life as a crack addict. Told by addicts themselves this film wouldn't have been realized at all without the involvement and aid of the Crips.

  • Tale of a City

    In Pre-Production
    Richard Jellerson

    Tale of a City is an informative and entertaining look at history's greatest cities from their settlement to their modern form. Through witty and factual narrative the viewer learns an accurate account of events (both widely known and little known) that shaped the history of the featured city. Using stylistic animation we are going to recreate history and usher it into thirsting minds.